"The English language is nobody's special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself."

Derek Walcott

ABC translation bureau
  1. For a contractual relationship between ABC translation agency (Alicja Szybko-Streit), Werder 8, 38100 Braunschweig, and its clients the following terms and conditions apply:
  2. ABC translation agency offers services for written translations as well interpreting services.
  3. Interpreters who have been booked can only be employed for the task they have been booked for. They cannot be employed for additional tasks like on-site translations, keeping the minutes or organizational tasks.
  4. Texts featuring criminal content or texts offending moral conventions can be rejected by ABC translation agency – even after contract closing. Furthermore texts shall only be rejected under certain circumstances, e. g. if the text’s length and/or difficulty exceed the time frame stipulated by the customer so that a delivery of a quality translation is impossible. Interpreters retain the right to refuse their work at a customer’s location for serious reasons e. g. moral or ethical reasons.
  5. Current source and target languages are Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, Spanish, Serbian and further European languages. Further languages on demand.
  6. Presentation of documents to ABC translation agency usually happens in electronic or other form (by post/mail or fax). The customer usually receives his translation in electronic form or, if certification is needed, in paper form. In case of interpreting sufficient information sufficient has to be provided so that the interpreter has the chance work with the appropriate quality. The customer is obliged to provide written documentation for the interpreter prior to his service.
  7. Together with the order the customer has to specify the subject(s) that the text or interpreting assignment may touch. This statement is to be made with the highest care in his own interest. If the customer has certain terminology preferences he shall communicate these and provide sufficient reference material (model texts, terminology indexes etc.). This should be considered in order to provide the best translation or interpreting service. The customer may place urgent translations as an express order. This may increase the price for the translation.
  8. The customer may choose if he wants to release his text for translation from the start  - subject to ABC translation agency’s order acceptance - or if the wants to receive an offer beforehand regarding costs and term of the translation. This offer is free of charge and unbinding for both parties. The contract closure will be valid when ABC translation agency has not declared its refusal to accept the order according to the customer’s demand two workdays after the initial order placement.
  9. If it turns out that ABC translation agency cannot fulfill the order within the term stipulated for valid reasons (e. g. translator’s illness or technical defects), ABC translation agency shall inform the customer immediately.
  10. The customer can cancel his order in written form only. If the customer rescinds from the contract without the translator giving any reason to do so, the customer willl have to bear all translation costs and interpreting fees he caused until the receipt of his written cancellation.
  11. In case that a translation contains factual or spelling mistakes, the translator has to be informed immediately and the mistake has to be specified in written form. The customer shall receive a corrected version of the translation, all further claims are to be rejected. The translator shall be granted an appropriate term to make his corrections. All claims to corrections shall be rejected, if the shortcomings are not reported within 14 days after the handover of the translation.
  12. The translator is obliged to treat all information and documents confidentially that he was provided with by the customer.
  13. Any liability is for damage or loss of the materials provided by the customer is excluded. The customer himself has to maintain a proper protection of his data. Liability for loss of documents through theft, fire, water, storm or loss in the post is expressedly excluded. 
  14. The customer has the right to use the translation only after the complete payment to the translator. The translator retains the copyright for the translation.